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Want to earn big bucks in cloud tech? Consider moving to Switzerland

A new study by Revolent details which roles in certain nations earn the highest average salaries for cloud tech workers.

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As the demand for cloud tech talent has grown, so too have the salaries that come with acquiring that talent. As part of a survey conducted by cloud talent company Revolent, it was found that Switzerland leads all other countries in that arena, when compared to the other 13 nations included in the findings.

Revolent president Nabila Salem says the intention of the survey was to “see what others with a similar level of experience and skill set are currently earning, enabling you to better understand your market value.”

The highest and lowest paying countries for cloud tech talent

With the salaries converted from Euros to dollars, Switzerland led all other countries with the highest average salary for cloud tech jobs at $133,326. Coming as a runner-up was the United States at an average of $114,772 and rounding out the top-three countries within cloud tech salaries was Australia at $102,423.

While Switzerland owned the top position within the field of cloud tech salaries, other countries in western Europe did not fare as well, with one offering an average salary of more than $100,000 USD less than that of Switzerland. Finishing last within the rankings of salary was Italy, with just a paltry average of $32,053. Spain came in at 13 with an average value of $42,085 and Belgium finished third-worst in the rankings, at $46,056.

The full rankings are as follows (value in USD):

  1. Switzerland ($133,326)
  2. USA ($114,772)
  3. Australia ($102,423)
  4. Canada ($89,475)
  5. U.K. ($77,076)
  6. Ireland ($75,547)
  7. Singapore ($71,351)
  8. Germany ($69,392)
  9. Japan ($65,888)
  10. France ($47,645)
  11. Netherlands ($46,056)
  12. Belgium ($46,056)
  13. Spain ($42,085)
  14. Italy ($32,053)

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Highest paying positions in cloud tech

As the demand for talent in cloud tech remains high, certain roles have the potential to earn a great deal more than their counterparts. The highest paying role in cloud tech on average was found to be Technical Consultant, which earned an average of $161,000 USD. Within the top three highest-paying jobs, Salesforce/nCino Solution Architect was the second highest earning position at $157,938 and Program Manager finished third at $142,500.

It was also discovered that the highest paying roles in a certain country varied across the 14 nations surveyed. According to the findings by Revolent, the Account Manager/Account Executive, IT Director/CIO and Program Managers are top earners within Switzerland’s tech cloud industry. By contrast, the positions of Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Project Manager and Mulesoft Architect tended to attract the most salary in Australia’s tech cloud market. For workers in the U.S., positions like Technical Consultant, Salesforce/nCino Solution Architect and Program Manager earned the highest salaries on average.

“Following the available data, cloud tech professionals in employment, and those seeking new opportunities, now have a benchmark for evaluating their market worth,” Salem said. “Meaning they can be better informed to re-negotiate their salaries to reflect global market value, or their rates.”


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