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Want to be a part of fashion industry? Here are 6 career opportunities you can opt for

Here are some of the career opportunities that the fashion industry offers.

Want to be a part of fashion industry? Here are 6 career opportunities you can opt for

By India Today Web Desk: The fashion industry is huge and consists of various types of companies. Divided into various segments, the Indian fashion industry is growing at a CAGR of 10% and is expected to value at $190 billion by 2025. India is one of the world’s largest exporters and producers of textiles have contributed 2% to the GDP of the country.

With so much growth, there is an infinite number of opportunities that the fashion industry offers. The scope of the fashion industry is increasing and in the current day and age, with so much potential, the industry offers employment in the most lucrative fields. Here are some of the career opportunities the fashion industry offers.


A fashion designer assists with the process related to clothing and accessories, spends time in designing them and accordingly selects appropriate styles and fabrics. The responsibility of a fashion designer includes creating patterns of clothes and jewelry, designing sketches, researching ongoing fashion trends while keeping the past trends in mind, collaborating with other designers and many more.

This career demands individuals with abilities like creativity, artistic, attentive, sewing skills, and most importantly, communication skills. The average starting salary an individual can earn as a fashion designer ranges from Rs 8k to Rs 65k with experience.


A successful career as a fashion stylist will require knowledge of different body types, art, trends, color schemes and such. A fashion stylist is a creative director who ensures the satisfaction of clients need relating to wardrobe fashion designs.

As a fashion stylist, you are responsible for fashion merchandising wherein you manage the inventory as per schedule to fit your clients need, become a personal shopper for your clients, as you have to ensure overall styling as well as act as a consultant for photoshoots or commercials.

The responsibilities of a fashion stylist include selecting outfits for models, providing fashion advice, choosing accessories and props, styling the models for their shoot. Fashion stylists work either with fashion houses or as individuals. The average salary of a fashion stylist in India ranges from Rs 2 lakh – Rs 4 lakh per annum.


A retail manager ensures the smooth promotion and marketing of fashion products. One of the most important job responsibilities of a retail manager is to maintain customer satisfaction. The other job responsibilities of a fashion retail manager are to receive the products, display the products in a fashionable manner, engage in pricing the products, make the products look appealing to the audience, and more. The average salary of an experienced retail manager ranges from Rs 8 lakh to Rs 10 lakhs.


Textile designers develop fabrics to create 2D designs that are implemented in designs to create products in the form of knitting, weaving, printed fabrics, and more similar. Textile designers are professionals that engage in work both in industrial and non-industrial areas. In this career, designers engage in the process of yarn making, dyeing, weaving and such processes.

Some of the responsibilities of a textile designer are to make up sample designs, produce sketches, work out design formulae and similar. A textile designer is appointed in boutiques, textile mills, fashion houses, and textile studios. The average salary of a textile designer in India ranges between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 8 lakh.


Fashion journalists write reports on fashion shows, award functions, celebrity public appearances and make critical analyses on them. The job duties of a fashion journalist include interviews with media personalities, live reporting, researching and writing about trending fashion styles.

To make up a good fashion journalist one needs to have good communication skills, personality and writing skills. The average salary of a fashion journalist in India is Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs per annum.


Fashion technology demands individuals that have technological skills along with creative ideologies. Fashion technologists work on garment production and engage in quality management, deal with the creation process of clothes and fabrics.

Fashion technologists work in fashion houses, TV production units, garment manufacturing units and ensure cost-effective, efficient methods to maintain the quality of their products. The average salary of a fashion technologist in India is Rs 6 lakh per annum.

The fashion industry is one of the oldest and one of the biggest industries on the globe and with endless opportunities for creative-smart minds, the industry continues to expand and demand individuals while providing them with good value for work.

–The article is written by Rekha Kejriwal, Academic Director of the Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA)


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