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Oh My Gods, It's a Technology Consultant

Rising Stars Shaping the Future at IBM

Curiosity and a constant quest for knowledge serve as the foundation for success in IBM Consulting. In this blog, you will get to know the inspiring journey of six entry level professionals who are encouraged to challenge the norm, investigate ideas outside of their roles, and come up with creative solutions resulting in groundbreaking impacts for a wide network of clients every day. They will share their best tips for those who want to join the IBM Internship Programs.


What exciting projects have you worked on at IBM?

Ollie, Supply Chain Consultant

Ollie, an IBM Supply Chain Consultant based in London, UK: “The most exciting project I worked on was planning the technology strategy for a consumer goods client in the agriculture industry. This project involved getting hands-on in the client’s factories and understanding how products are produced and then transported into the hands of consumers. To complete this project, we implemented Industry 4.0 technology such as AI, Big Data, and robotic process automation, enabling the client to improve multiple areas of their production processes.”

Anastasia, an IBM Strategy Consultant based in London, UK: “In my role, I’ve worked on exciting projects that revolve around data strategy and its applications in financial services. One standout project involved developing a sustainable agricultural proposition for farmers, aiming to improve their practices through technological solutions. My main motivation throughout this project was to enable farmers to make better farming choices without adding another workload. I feel that my work had a positive impact on the farming industry and has showcased to me how IBM sustainability solutions can have real-world impact.”


What work are you most proud of?

Carolin, Associate Technology Consultant

Carolin, an IBM Associate Technology Consultant based in London, UK: “My proudest moment was when I was invited to speak at the Salesforce World Tour in London. On stage, I had the privilege of representing IBM’s entry level hires on a panel alongside senior leaders from IBM and Salesforce. I was particularly proud of explaining how IBM effectively incorporates young talent through Degree Apprenticeships, Internship programs, and Graduate Schemes.”


What do you most enjoy doing in your day-to-day life at IBM?

Archie, Project Manager

Archie, a Project Manager based in London, UK: “I think what brings me the most joy is the ability to work on the hardest challenges the world is facing in terms of technological progression. Each day has a new challenge and with those come endless possibilities.  I hear people talking about how cool robotics and AI are, saying they are the future. Little do they know, IBM has been a frontrunner in these technologies for the last 20 years and then some!


How has IBM helped launch your career?

Anna, Associate Technical Consultant

Anna, an IBM Associate Technical Consultant based in Manchester, UK: “The training and development opportunities at IBM are excellent. I have had the opportunity to attend many training courses, which have helped improve my skills and understanding of the business and consequently made me a better consultant. In addition, the teams I have worked in have given me responsibility, giving me the opportunity to rapidly grow my experience, skills, and confidence.”

Evie, an IBM Financial Consultant based in London, UK: “I’ve been with IBM for two years as a Graduate, and, before that, I had a year-long internship as an internal Business Analyst. IBM has helped launch my career through the excellent Graduate Associates Program. The support this provided me at the early stages of my career was really valuable.


Why would you recommend IBM?

Anastasia, Strategy Consultant

Anastasia: “In my experience, I have got an extensive support network on different levels of the organization. I am never hesitant to reach out to another colleague outside of my immediate network or in a different geography. At IBM I can explore different roles, from more technical ones, focused on data architecture, to more creative ones, like defining design principles of a new platform. The variability across my roles gives me space to explore areas that I would not get a chance to try otherwise.”

Carolin: “To me, diversity is not only a driver of innovation but a cornerstone of a truly inclusive and thriving workplace. In a global company like IBM, projects and collaboration frequently span borders, connecting colleagues from different corners of the world. This dynamic environment provides a unique opportunity to forge connections, gain insights into various cultures, and cultivate a richer understanding of the diverse perspectives that contribute to our collective success.


What advice would you give to someone who was just starting their internship at IBM?

Evie, Financial Consultant

Evie: “My main advice would be to really grasp this opportunity with both hands. Say yes to opportunities that come your way and always do your best to put yourself outside of your comfort zone to meet new people and develop new connections. Try everything, as much as you possibly can, during your intern year. This will help you to understand what you like and don’t like, which can be really helpful when it comes to your career.”

Anna: “Have the confidence to ask questions! I have found that asking questions is such an effective way to learn about new technologies, develop your understanding, broaden your ambitions, and build your network – all of which are crucial here, at IBM!”



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