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Morning Edition: 20th May 2022 | Morning Edition


May 23, 2022 #20th, #Edition, #Morning

In this Morning Edition, the President of the Prison Officers Association describes wage negotiations with the Chief Personnel Officer, as disrespectful and disastrous.

Following an announcement by the finance minister to increase public servants’ salaries with part of the windfall from the increased gas prices, the Association Head Cerron Richards notes he is extremely disappointed with the response of the CPO. Mr. Richard’s elaborates on what exactly transpired and shares the reaction of his membership. The Police social and Welfare Assoc. President ASP Gideon Dickson, also gives us his perspective on how the meeting went with the CPO.

According to the unions, they were totally unsatisfied with the counter proposal presented to them. The Head of the Police Association ASP. Gideon Dickson gives us his thoughts on the outcome of the yesterday’s salary negotiations and the treatment of the unions.

In this segment, Jeston Lett – Founder & CEO of Ignition Innovation – A Technology startup combining AI, machine Learning, Biometrics and, Blockchain technology to revolutionize digital transformation in the Caribbean, and Daniel Molina – VP Latin America of iProov, a leader in facial verification & Biometric authentication onboarding technologies, discuss digital security.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital security and identity have become areas many companies have pushed to the top of the list. Many businesses now have a greater presence and reliance on technological services for their transactions but as we all know..this could also result in security threats. Ignition Innovation has been doing some work with their partners in the region aimed at strengthening and assisting where necessary.

In this segment, we highlight the upcoming National Consultation on the Environment, to be held on Monday 23rd May, at the Hyatt Rehency, hosted by The United Nations Development Programme. The aim is to get input from various interest groups in order to inform T&T’s National Report on the Environment , which will be be presented at the Stockholm+50 Conference on the Environment in Sweden on June 2-3.

Representatives include; Business, Labour, Women’s organisations, Youth organisations NGOs and Indigenous peoples. We aee joined by Randi Davis- UNDP, Resident Representative , Kishan Kumarsingh, Head, Multilateral Environmental Agreements Unit, Ministry of Planning and Development and Farley Augustine, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly.

In this Morning Edition, we focus on a campaign aimed at shedding light on the Venezuelan Migrant situation. It’s organized by the Pan American Development Foundation through their I am Here: Borders of Hope campaign

The campaign is in its third year and was created to encourage and facilitate informed discussions about migration and its impact on migrants and their host communities. The Pan to the Poet series is a social media initiative which runs from May 21st until June 4th.

Derron Sandy-Artistic Director 2 Cents Movement, Samuel Negrin Pan to the Poets, Poet, and Mishael HenryPan to the Poets, Poet, tell us more.

In this segment, Asha Lovelace – FESTIVAL Curator/Director  and Melanie Jones -Festival Cordinator discuss the Africa Film Trinidad and Tobago. This annual film festival showcases the very best of contemporary and classic films from the African continent and its diaspora.

The African film industry is dynamic and relevant and its filmmakers continue to pursue an approach to film making that is in sync with and reflective of their own cultural environment. Out of this has emerged an aesthetic that reflects the tone, landscape, colour, complexity and beauty of Africa. AFTT is opening the doors for a solid and mutually beneficial alliances and exchanges with this diverse and magnificent world of African Film.

In this segment, Denielle Rambharose Medical Laboratory Services Ministry of Health, and Marcus Alexander Clarke Disaster Preparedness Consultant The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, highlight the Blood Drive to Save Lives.

This is an initiative of the the National Blood Transfusion Services and the Anglican Diocese takes place on Friday 20th May, from 8 am at the The Holy Trinity Cathedral Car Park



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