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Medical Professional to Blockchain Developer- Heres Top 11 Highest Paying Jobs In India 2023

Jobs 2023: The global pandemic, combined with digital transformation and technological advancements, has resulted in significant changes in the job market.

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Jobs 2023: There is no denying that we all want a well-paying job. After spending so many years in school and college, we all want a job that pays well. The global pandemic, combined with digital transformation and technological advancements, has resulted in significant changes in the job market. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-paying jobs in India.

List of Jobs 2023: Top 11 Highest Salary Paying Jobs in India

Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons)

Healthcare is one of the highest-paying industries in India. The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding as a result of the pandemic’s increased demand for medical professionals. Indian doctors and surgeons are extremely well compensated, with salaries varying according to specialisations such as Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, or domains such as Healthcare Administration, Nursing and Medical Assistant, Home Health Aide, and so on.

  • Salary: In India, the average annual salary for medical professionals is around ten lakh rupees. More than 25% of healthcare professionals earn around 20 lakhs per year.
  • Top employers: AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Fortis, Apollo

Data Scientist

One of the highest paying jobs in India, a data scientist is a relatively new position that comes with a long list of benefits and competitive pay. A data scientist is a specialist who gathers, examines, and interprets vast amounts of data in an organisation. Candidates with a strong background in computer science, programming,, statistics, mathematics, and analytics can pursue a rewarding career as data scientists in India.

  • Salary: The national average salary for a Data scientist is Rs 11,00,000.
  • Top Employers: Amazon Procter & Gamble

Machine Learning Experts

Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has grown in popularity across industries. In India, the average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is Rs 728,724.

  • Salary: Engineers with less than a year of experience earn approximately Rs 501,058 per year. Mid-level professionals can earn up to Rs 698,443 per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to rS 1,948,718 per year.
  • Top Employers: Accenture, IBM

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is a new concept that is redefining things like currency transactions, internet connectivity, data security, and data handling. Engineers or IT professionals with a strong background in Computer Science, Mathematics, and/or Statistics can pursue careers as Blockchain developers.

  • Salary: In India, the average annual salary for Blockchain Developers is Rs 8,01,938. Professionals with experience can earn up to 45 LPA.
  • Top Employers: Auxesis, Signzy

Full Stack Software Developer

Full Stack Developers are experts in creating both the front and back ends of software or websites.

  • Salary: Beginners in Full Stack Development can expect to earn Rs 375,000 per year on average, while mid-level developers with 1-4 years of experience can earn up to Rs 553,000 per year.
  • Top Employers: Barclays, Dell

Product Management

Product development, management, and design are quickly moving to the forefront of the Indian industry.

  • Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a Product Manager is Rs14,40,000. Beginners can expect to earn around Rs 7-8 LPA, while experienced workers can expect to earn around Rs 17-26 LPA.
  • Top Employers: Amazon, Google.

Management Consultant

Management consultants assist organisations in resolving issues and improving performance.

  • Salary: In India, a management consultant makes an average salary of about Rs 11,49,770 LPA. Beginning consultants make between Rs 6-7 LPA.
  • Top Employers: KPMG, PwC

Investment Banker

Investment banking, one of the highest-paying professions in India and the world, focuses on assisting clients in making the most profitable financial decisions.

  • Top Salary: Average SalaryExpected – 4-40 LPA
  • Top Employers: Citibank, Deutsche Bank

Chartered Accountant

Every industry needs Chartered Accountants (CA) because they act as financial advisors and advise clients on effective money management.

  • Top Salary: Chartered Accountant salary starts from Rs 6-7 LPA and can go up to Rs 30 LPA or more depending on experience and expertise.
  • Top Employers: Standard Chartered Ernst & Young

Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager develops and implements a company’s marketing strategies in order to meet customer needs and maximise profits.

  • Top Salary: Entry-level salary – ₹4-6 LPA, Middle-level – ₹10-12 LPA, Senior Level – ₹15-22 LPA
  • Top Employers:  IBM, Amazon

Business Analyst

A business analyst analyses the processes, systems, and models of operation of an organization to determine its performance.

  • Salary: The average salary of a Business Analyst in India is ₹750,500 per annum.
  • Top Employers: Microsoft, Citi

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