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magniX Expands Regulatory Expertise with Appointment of Department of Defense Consultant

Ray L’Heureux Joins Electric Propulsion Leader to Bring Electric Flight Closer to FAA Certification

EVERETT, Wash., June 1, 2022 /CNW/ — magniX, the company powering the electric aviation revolution, today announced the appointment of Ray L’Heureux as Department of Defense Consultant. Ray will lend strategic industry insight and guidance for the company as it continues to work towards FAA certification and expand its offerings and market leadership.

Ray brings deep expertise in aviation management, operations, strategic planning and education policy to magniX. Ray has led numerous efforts in aviation, both in the private sector, and DoD.  Most recently as the President and CEO of Papalua Aviation and sister company Aviation Concepts Inc, and formerly as the Commanding Officer of a USMC tactical helicopter squadron, and as the CO of the Marine Corps largest operational squadron tasked with transporting the President of the United States.  Moreover, Ray has direct experience working with the FAA, leading a certified flight operation with a retrofitted, first-of-its-kind air ambulance to deliver VIP charter and ambulatory services to the State of Hawaii. Previously, Ray served as Chief Aviation Officer at Aria Worldwide, the first secure, executive fractional aviation service of its kind in Mexico.  Additionally, Ray has spent nearly 30 years in the military, which has shaped his ability to motivate and lead teams to achieve results and effectively manage resources, personnel, and all project-related deliverables.

“I’m inspired by the work magniX is doing as they progress on their journey to make electric flight a near-term reality,” said Ray L’Heureux. “This role aligns with my vast array of aviation experiences, allowing me to offer insight and support on regulatory and operational processes as the technology for electric flight advances.”

“Ray will lend invaluable expertise as we continue on our mission to make electric flight not only a reality, but the industry standard,” said Dominique Spragg, Chairman of magniX.  “Our collaboration with Ray will help us work more closely with government entities  to set the stage for the future of commercial electric flight.” 

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Headquartered in Everett WA, magniX is dedicated to enabling an era of clean and affordable commercial air travel with all-electric propulsion. magniX offers a range of revolutionary solutions including all-electric motors – which produce zero emissions and increased efficiency for various aviation applications. For more information, please visit www.magnix.aero.

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