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Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix Reports Crypto Jobs News

Jesse Abernathy Phoenix

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix, Arizona is a recruiter and HR consultant in technology. In the article below Jesse Abernathy discusses the latest in crypto jobs news.

Nearly 80-year-old Fidelity has seen the future – and it’s in cryptocurrency.

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix reports that the investment firm, founded in 1946, recently announced that it has created over 12,000 new jobs that reflect the company’s investment in technology that supports widening interest in cryptocurrency.

It’s supporting the new jobs by launching a cryptocurrency and blockchain training program for associates to learn more about crypto markets and related technology.

Fidelity recently said it will offer bitcoin as one of its investment options for 401(k) plans, making it the first large provider of retirement management to offer cryptocurrency as part of an investment plan and reflective of growing interest in digital currency.

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix relays the company says about 80 million investors in the United States have invested in the form of currency or currently own digital currencies.

With its creation of crypto jobs and support of crypto technologies, Fidelity enters new but ever-expanding territory: careers based around every facet of digital currency.

Companies across banking, technology, computer science, and other industries are steadily incorporating positions that require a strong grasp of technology to support blockchains where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin live according to Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix.

There are now even several online forums that only list open crypto jobs positions, helping a slew of companies find and hire those highly skilled in cryptocurrency and blockchains.

In the changing landscape of technology companies and careers, cryptocurrency is becoming king.

Where to Find Crypto Jobs and the Average Pay

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix reports that while crypto-related jobs are popping up all over, they’re more likely to be found now in large cities with an established technology industry presence.

According to ZipRecruiter, six of the top 10 cities offering the highest pay for cryptocurrency jobs are in California: San Francisco, Fremont, San Jose, Oakland, Hayward, and Sunnyvale.

The top city is San Francisco, with an average annual salary of $154,123. Other cities making the list are Tanaina and Wasilla, both in Alaska, as well as Jackson, Wyoming, and Norwalk, Connecticut. Nationwide, the average crypto salary is $120,405.

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix on Starting a Crypto Career

While most cryptocurrency careers right now are often found within programming and computer science, it’s not limited to those skillsets according to Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix.

But hard technical skills often propel job seekers to the top of the hiring list. Such skills include engineering, financial analysis, cryptography, and programming. Jobs that monitor, construct, and track blockchains and their cryptocurrencies require a specific set of digital awareness and expertise.

However, some jobs lie outside of technology, including those requiring such skills as business development, writing, and marketing.

The first step to launching a career in cryptocurrency is identifying your skills related to the industry; many fall squarely into STEM fields. Of course, job-seekers must be familiar with how cryptocurrencies work and the purpose of the blockchain and its related technology.

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix explains that those who have programming or software development experience may look for crypto jobs emphasizing blockchain development or machine learning, while those with a writing background may look for technical writing positions.

Another must: networking. After deciding on a crypto career path, connect with professions in the industry either through networking events or over social media, as well as career fairs or technology conferences.

Ask questions, find a mentor, and get advice on starting a career. Finally, update a resume by emphasizing skills related directly to cryptocurrency positions.

Popular Crypto Jobs

According to Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix, the top 10 crypto jobs right now showcase the vastness and variety already existing in the industry. Technical writers and marketing managers transform complex cryptocurrency and blockchain topics into language for a wide audience.

Business and web developers are integral to organizations promoting and integrating cryptocurrency, doing everything from reaching out directly to clients, widening crypto-related businesses, and maintaining software to keep up with a relatively complex blockchain system.

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix says other top cryptocurrency jobs include financial analysts, data scientists, and cryptocurrency traders.

The most common, and usually the highest paid, jobs include product managers, who oversee cryptocurrency product development, software engineers, who create business software to support cryptocurrency technology, and machine learning engineers who specialize in systems relying on artificial intelligence to create an array of applications that rely on cryptocurrency.

And there are entry-level positions within many of the crypto subfields. Within blockchain development, such opportunities include junior full-stack developers and blockchain legal assistants. Within cryptocurrency venture capital, there are research associates and junior portfolio analysts.

The Bottom Line

Jesse Abernathy of Phoenix notes that cryptocurrency is here to stay, but the industry and its related job market are still heating up. For those curious about moving into a different field or eager to put their cryptocurrency skills to the test, it’s the perfect time to branch out into the blockchain.


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