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Oh My Gods, It's a Technology Consultant

Ireland is among the best countries in the world for cloud tech salaries

Research found the cloud tech roles with the highest salaries to be technical consultant, Salesforce/nCino solution architect, and programme manager.

Those looking for a highly paid career in cloud tech should look no further than Switzerland. The European country scored the highest in a ranking of 14 countries based on average salaries for cloud professionals.

Ireland scored sixth, one below the UK and one above Singapore. An Irish cloud tech professional can expect to be paid an average of $75,547 per year.

This is all according to a survey carried out by cloud training specialists Revolent and Salesforce recruitment specialists Mason Frank International.

After Switzerland, the US, Australia and Canada were found to be the highest payers. A Swiss cloud tech worker is paid, on average, $133,326 a year. In the US, the average salary is $114,772.

Germany and Japan ranked seventh and eighth, respectively. The bottom five were France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy, which all offer average salaries of less than $50,000 to cloud tech workers. Switzerland’s neighbour Italy offers less than $33,000, on average.

Next, the survey ranked the highest paying cloud tech jobs. Technical consultant came in at number one, with these professionals earning an average of $161,000 per year.

This was followed by Salesforce or nCino solutions architect ($157,938) and programme manager ($142,500).

Other big paying positions include pre-sales consultant, MuleSoft developer, business analyst, account executive, trainer, marketing automation consultant and sales director. Sales director ranked in 10th place, but still with an average salary of more than $100,000 a year.

The highest paid positions vary by country, however. In Switzerland, for example, account executive, IT director/CIO and programme managers are the top earners in the tech cloud industry.

With the findings in mind, Revolent’s president, Nabila Salem, shared some tips on negotiating the best salary as a cloud professional.

Instead of approaching an employer with a pay raise request, she said, it would be more effective to discuss what the local and global market is offering for similar positions.

It is expected that local market value and salary offerings in other countries may differ, as seen in the survey. So Salem advised employees to go with the highest value in the range, as the employer is likely to price down to the lower amount.

Finally, the timing of the negotiation is as essential as the employer’s expected response. Any employee who intends to renegotiate their salary must be strategic, so Salem suggested picking an appropriate time and making sure you’re doing it via the best channels to set yourself up for success.

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