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German Based Battery Advisory Firm, Sphere Energy, Secures Major Investment From Industry Heavyweights

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German based Battery Advisory Firm, Sphere Energy, secures major investment from Industry heavyweights.

Sphere Energy, renowned as one of the premier battery technology advisory firms, has announced
the successful closure of its latest financing round, featuring an impressive line-up of investors.
This strategic investment round signifies more than just a financial boost and brings together a
powerhouse consortium consisting of two accomplished entrepreneur brothers, early pioneers in the battery field, and the country’s most respected technology consultant.

The company’s unique blend of technological expertise, software & data proficiency, and experience in navigating complex corporate transformations has earned them an enviable position in the market.

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Sphere Energy sees its value in bridging the gap between academic R&D and strategic corporate
decision-making, all while staying attuned to the latest market trends.

The funds raised will be utilized to fuel Sphere’s AI-based battery brain and further advance the
technological infrastructure at it’s Battery Technology Centre. While maintaining confidentiality around the specific financial details of the financing round, the investment garnered represents a substantial sum, enabling Sphere to strategically pursue its objectives and capitalize on emerging opportunities within the fast growing battery field.

Daniel, Co-Founder of Sphere Energy said:

Our ability to analyze battery cells at the minutest level in our cutting-edge Battery Technology Testing Centre in Augsburg, combined with our capacity to assist clients in selecting the ideal suppliers and transforming their organizations into battery-driven leaders, sets us apart.

“Our clients trust us implicitly because we offer a one-of-a-kindservice – along with their battery value creation.”

The ever-evolving battery technology landscape exerts immense pressure on organizations across all sectors, yet it also presents unprecedented opportunities for market expansion and application
development. Sphere Energy believes that any company utilizing batteries in their products will inevitably undergo a transformation into a “Battery Driven Organization”. Guiding their clients through the maze of constantly evolving technologies, sourcing from new, often Asian suppliers and managing the scarcity of talent, makes Sphere Energy’s expertise valuable.

“Identifying the electrochemical cell bottlenecks within a technology is crucial, but we’ve also witnessed the struggles faced by battery manufacturers during production and the immense effort required to construct top-notch thermal management systems for hypercars,” revealed Luca, Co-Founder of Sphere Energy.

To manage the vast amount of information that is being released every day and manage tasks like e.g.: market trend research, innovation management, regulatory compliance and technological developments more efficiently we set out to build our own AI-powered battery brain – called “Batty”.

This break-trhough technology, based on new large language and transformer models, should first
support the Sphere-Team internally to reach new levels of efficiency, but can then also be rolled out, in client specific versions to support Sphere’s customers as well. “With this investment we will be able to really set us apart through unprecedented levels of efficiency – enabled by this incredible powerful AI technology” – says Luca.

Since its inception in 2018, Sphere Energy has experienced rapid growth, expanding its operations to Paris, Zurich, and Augsburg. This strategic move not only enables closer proximity to customers but also provides access to the finest talent available, as Daniel attests.

The selection of investors for this financing round was a meticulous process, aimed at securing more than just financial support. The investors have joined Sphere Energy’s advisory board, bringing their respective expertise to the table and bolstering the team.

“Frank Riemensperger, one of the most esteemed consultants and former CEO of Accenture DACH,
possesses a proven track record of local value creation through technology advisory. We eagerly anticipate his input and guidance in managing large-scale transformation projects,” emphasized Lukas, Co-Founder of Sphere Energy.

Frank himself commented on the remarkable synergy between Sphere Energy’s deep technological battery knowledge and cutting-edge software expertise. Drawing parallels to his own successfulexperiences at Accenture, he expressed his confidence in Sphere’s immense growth potential.

Torge Thönnessen and Leopold König, co-founders of Customcells, also joined the illustrious group of investors. Their unparalleled expertise and comprehensive understanding of the battery cell market will be instrumental in guiding Sphere Energy toward making the right decisions.

“Sphere Energy’s team is perfectly positioned to drive electrification in Europe. With their vast experience, they can aid battery users as Power Toolers and OEMs throughout the development process while assisting end-application producers in harnessing the finest battery cells to create superior products,” said Torge.

A third seat on the table was allocated to the Ritter brothers, highly accomplished entrepreneurs from Schwabmünchen, bringing their valuable insights as seasoned company owners to Sphere Energy. Their wealth of experience in creating value for clients, managing the process of building a large operation themselves, makes their advice indispensable, especially during challenging situations.

“The energy transition is paramount for our society, and we firmly believe that Sphere Energy is positioned precisely where they need to be, with the right technology and the right team to spearheadthis market,” stated Ralf Ritter. Despite typically engaging in large capital-intensive investments through their family office, they recognized the game-changing potential of Sphere Energy and seized the opportunity to support this exceptional team.

Sphere Energy’s vision extends beyond enabling clients to tap into new opportunities along the battery value chain. They aim to foster a spirit of innovation and cultivate a brand where tech talents can thrive. Their internal motto, “energy is everything,” resonates not only in the realm of electrochemically stored energy but also in the shared team spirit within Sphere Energy.

With this recent injection of strategic investment and the unwavering support of industry heavyweights, Sphere Energy is positioned to support the transformation of the battery landscape. Their unique blend of technological prowess, software expertise, and deep understanding of corporate transformations positions them as leaders in the field.

As the battery industry continues to evolve,Sphere Energy will remain at the forefront, driving innovation and empowering organizations tobecome battery-driven powerhous.

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German based Battery Advisory Firm, Sphere Energy, secures major investment from Industry heavyweights, August 24, 2023


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