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Cognizant rolls out platform to help companies with generative AI use

International technology consultancy Cognizant has continued its expansion of its AI offering, with the launch of Neuro AI. The enterprise-wide platform will help Cognizant clients deploy generative AI in their organisations.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence, which is being used to produce various types of content, including text, imagery, audio and synthetic data. Recent studies suggest the much-hyped technology could help the UK economy find £31 billion in efficiency savings and productivity gains. The study added the technology had the potential to increase UK productivity by 1.2% each year, doing on average 2.5% of all tasks across various occupations in the UK.

This is seeing a growing number of firms flock to deploy generative AI in their businesses – just as they did for digital tools, blockchain, and the metaverse in recent years. But as with all those other trends, bosses are quickly finding that reaping the benefits of generative AI is easier said than done. Consulting firms are increasingly upping their AI offerings, in a bid to cater to these needs.

Cognizant rolls out platform to help companies with generative AI use

Cognizant in particular has been ramping up its AI offering in recent months. At the start of July, the consultancy announced a new partnership with ServiceNow, enabling it to help clients with the adoption of AI-powered automation across a broad range of industries.

Now, Cognizant has followed this up, by launching a new platform across its operations, designed to provide enterprises with a comprehensive approach to accelerate the adoption of generative AI technology. A release from the firm suggested that Cognizant Neuro AI will enable clients to harness generative AI’s “business value in a flexible, secure, scalable and responsible way.”

“It is fast becoming clear that businesses must embrace AI without delay to remain competitive,” said Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant’s Software and Platform Engineering. “This is an exciting moment, as Cognizant’s Neuro AI platform goes beyond proof of concept, aiming to accelerate the adoption of enterprise scale AI applications, increase ROI potential, minimize risks and get to better business solutions, faster.”

Neuro AI’s launch builds on years of AI research, development, and client-facing commercial AI applications at Cognizant. The platform leverages Cognizant’s consulting, advisory, ecosystem partnership, digital studios, solutioning, and delivery capabilities, in conjunction with industry expertise, to help clients transition seamlessly into the era of generative AI. It will work to identifycompany specific-use cases and operationalise AI, while also helping AI and software engineering teams to build flexible, reusable, safe and secure solutions. The firm added that applications could include cases as wide-ranging as “healthcare analytics and crop science optimisation.”

Anna Elango, EVP of Cognizant’s Core Technologies and Insights, added, “We believe enterprises need scalable, flexible, end-to-end tools to accelerate responsible AI adoption. By partnering human expertise, including Cognizant’s deep industry insights, with the power of generative AI, we aim to help our clients catalyse informed decisions and tackle complex business challenges to drive cost efficiencies, resilience and business revenue.”


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