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Centric Consulting Earns Snowflake Select Services

Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Centric Consulting, an international business and technology consulting firm, announced it has earned Select Services Partner status with Snowflake, a data cloud technology company. 

Centric completed all the prerequisites to become a Snowflake Select partner, including earning advanced certifications across the platform. While its Select partnership designation is new, Centric has been helping its clients navigate Snowflake for nearly five years. The company recently published a series, Snowflake Security and Data Privacy, to help clients manage information access and security in the Snowflake platform. 

“Data strategy and implementation continue to be a priority for our clients,” said Sachin Mittal, Senior Consultant at Centric. “As more businesses leverage Snowflake’s shared data architecture for fast, scalable analytics, Centric is proud to partner with Snowflake and serve as a platform guide for clients.” 

In the six-part Snowflake blog series, Jeremy Gruenwald, Senior Architect and Co-Lead for Centric’s Chicago Data & Analytics team, provides a set of technology, architecture and process standards to support goals while balancing cost, maintenance and performance: 

“With the rise of global data-privacy regulations and highly publicized security breaches, our clients are looking to improve control of their data while still being able to get increased business value out of it,” said Gruenwald. “Snowflake takes a security-first posture and provides many new features that make it much easier to simultaneously control access to sensitive data and make valuable data easily available for use. Many customers have asked how to meet these competing needs, so we wrote this series of articles as a guide to having your cake and eating it too.” 

About Centric Consulting    

Centric Consulting is an international management consulting firm with unmatched expertise in business transformation, hybrid workplace strategy, technology implementation and adoption.  

Founded in 1999 with a remote workforce, Centric has established a reputation for solving its clients’ toughest problems, delivering tailored solutions, and bringing deeply experienced consultants centered on what’s best for your business.   

Centric Consulting is headquartered in Ohio, with 1,500 employees and 14 locations. In every project, clients get a trusted advisor averaging over 15 years of experience and the best talent across the United States and India. Centric deliberately builds teams that can scale up or down quickly based on client needs, industry and desired outcome.    

Visit http://www.centricconsulting.com to learn more. Connect with Centric Consulting: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram     




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