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Oh My Gods, It's a Technology Consultant

Aussie tech consultant launches collagen powder product

The Australia-based company, Eryn Behan Pty Ltd – which bears the name of the founder, has launched its first product NEE-V Collagen Powder on the company’s website.

Speaking to NutraIngredients-Asia, ​Behan, who is in the technology consulting industry, said despite the stiff market competition, she still saw opportunities in offering science-backed collagen supplements.

“The reason for launching the product is because I have been struggling to find a collagen powder product that ticks all the boxes that I was looking for.

“For example, [I am looking for] something that is clinically proven, that tastes great, something that contains other vitamins, something that could do more than just targeting hair, skin and nails,” ​Behan said.

She has secured listing from the local regulator Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

“The collagen market in Australia is highly competitive, yet what sets NEE-V collagen powder apart from our competitors is that the product is listed in the TGA.

“What that means is that we have permitted indications from the TGA and the scientific research to support that,” ​she said.

Nee-v square 3

A search on the ARTG showed that the product is permitted to make four indications.

They are 1) helps enhance / promote collagen formation, 2) helps enhance / improve / promote / increase skin firmness, 3) helps enhance / promote skin health, 4) helps enhance / improve skin elasticity.

Every five grams of the powdered product contains 2,500mg of bovine-derived type I and III bio-fermented hydrolysed collagen, 100mg of vitamin C, 2,500μg​ of biotin, and 350mg of silica.


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